walnut oil

  Medical treatment: As a herbal medicine,the walnut oil has already had over 1000 years of history. And the very early comments about the medical function of walnuts was found in the medical and pharmaceutical works of our country. The modern medical research indicates that the walnut's pathological function of walnut oil is: First, it has treatment function of antihistamine for the smooth muscle of bronchia; Second, the animal test proved that the walnut oil could arrest cough; The third, feed the dog with mixed fatty foods containing walnut oil could promote its weight and blood albumen content with very slow promotion of blood cholesterin. It may influence the synthesis and oxidation of cholesterin in human body and exchange them outside.

   As for the medical treatment effect of walnut oil, many clinic records of the medical constructions around the world show that, it has a certain treatment effects for many diseases in internal department, surgery, pediatrics, gynaecology, uropoiesis as well as skin department,etc. and even has a significant effect for some of them.

   In addition, walnut oil is also widely applied in the departments like grease chemical industries. I.e., it can be used for making shampoo, sunscreen cream, massage oil,etc. As the raw material for color mixing in canvas painting, walnut oil could not only keep the art works bright colored and complete without wormeating and crackles, but could also keep them away from the corrosion of water. Taking the famous painting "Monalisa" as an example, being composed with the color mixed by walnut oil, it has been preserved perfectly for centuries with unchanged charmings. Applied for wooden furniture decoration, the walnut oil could assured the furniture bright in surface, anticorrosive, wormproof and lasting forever.

   Walnut oil contains many kinds of unsaturated fatty acids. The world nutrition experts proved that walnut oil's unsaturated fatty acids content in fatty acid is about 90% (α-linolenic acid and γ-linolenic acid), some of acids content are up to 16.8%, which is much higher than the common plant oils (like rape oil and bean oil) by 2 or 3 times. While the α-linolenic acid is the necessary raw material for the EPA and DHA synthesis (brain gold) of human body. Often taking walnut oil could prevent many "Diseases from fat" such as high blood pressure, high blood fat, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and adiposity, etc.. Moreover, the rich content of VE could resist aging and protect the skin.

  In some developed countries in Europe and America, taking walnut oil for health protection has become a trend of consumption. The United States has appointed the walnut oil as a food of astronauts and further proved the walnut oil's magnificence for human health.

   We provide walnut oil in bulk and small package or as request of the clients. Both of the quality and sanitary level has reached or exceeded the national and ministry criteria. With advanced production equipments, powerful technical strength and complete testing method, we take "Credit First, Quality Excellence and Service Foremost" as tenet and would like to establish long-term cooperationship with the widely clients.



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